Now you can truly get to know your best friend! 

The Mixed-Breed Identification DNA Test & Life Plan compares your dog’s DNA with hundreds of genetic markers associated with common breeds. This comprehensive screening helps uncover the most likely breeds in your pet’s history and—as a bonus—also provides a Life Plan to help meet your dog’s health needs now and down the road.

Online results are available to you within three (3) weeks, once samples arrive at the testing facility.

Kit Contents:

  • Sterile DNA collection brushes
  • Information brochure as well as instructions for DNA collection
  • Self-addressed, postage-paid envelope for returning samples to the lab

Results Back:

  • Within 3 weeks (via direct email from the lab)

Unlike other dog breed test kit products, the Life Plan provides you with detailed, personalized information about what types of foods are best for your pet, how much you can expect your dog to weigh as an adult, and even what types of games your dog should enjoy playing the most. Talk about fun! Based on this information, you and your veterinarian can provide better care that can help your dog live a longer, happier life.